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“The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program provides tools and services that enable federal and other government IT networks to strengthen the security posture of their cyber networks.”

This quote is taken from the CDM mission statement on the Federal government’s CDM web site.The site goes on to describe what the program is and how it works. The program has been in development since 2012 and is now slowly being rolled out through a series of task orders and blanket purchase agreements that will carry on through Federal FY 2015.

Meanwhile the cyber threats that could compromise the Federal systems and networks continue unabated. The GAO recently reported over 46,000 cyber-attacks on Federal agencies in 2013, up 30% from the prior year!


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Sounds like the Federal IT security teams could use the capabilities and tools the CDM program will provide, right? So how do they feel about the CDM implementation progress?

Meritalk Cyber Security Exchange recently surveyed 150 of these people and asked them about progress made and challenges encountered.

We’ve summarized some of their responses in the infographic, which you can download the full infographic from our website (PDF).



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