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Scientists from the Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have issued a broad agency announcement (BAA-RQKS-2014-0003) seeking private industry collaboration on the Air Force’s Advanced Novel Spectrum Warfare Environment Research (ANSWER) program.

ANSWER’s mission is to develop cutting edge technologies that would enable the military to maintain control of critical communications, radar systems, information networking and similarly critical battlefield systems despite the potential presence of disruptive electronic warfare tactics and cyber attacks.

Formerly called the Net-Enabled Electronic Warfare Technologies (NEWT), the program seeks to enable military forces to maintain access to the electromagnetic spectrum while limiting an enemy’s ability to utilize it, as well as maintaining the integrity and functionality of critical systems in the presence of electronic- and cyber-based attacks.

“With an ever changing environment between red and blue forces, the ability to control the electromagnetic spectrum is a key requirement to achieving success in warfighter operations, researchers say. This is a daunting task under benign conditions and becomes even more of a challenge as adversaries bring more denial capabilities to bear,” wrote John Keller.

Air force officials are seeking assistance from the private sector to create unconventional technologies that employ highly sophisticated computing and utilize state-of-the-art signal processing in order to develop advanced modeling and simulation capabilities.

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