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A newly discovered vulnerability in the Adobe Flash web plug-in has been addressed in Apple’s OS X update released yesterday.

Apple stated in a post on the company’s support page that users with an out-of-date version may see a “Blocked plug-in,” “Flash Security Alert,” or “Flash out-of-date” alert when attempting to view Flash content in Safari.


In addition, Apple will reportedly block any version of the mechanism prior to versions, and later.

A few days prior, Adobe also released an updated version of Adobe Flash Player to patch multiple vulnerabilities, including one that would allow an attacker to exfiltrate sensitive information, reported Google engineer Michele Spagnuolo.

The critical vulnerability, called Rosetta Flash, also had the power to carry-out arbitrary requests to the vulnerable domain and lose data to an attacker-controlled site.

A recent study named Adobe Flash Flayer the most insecure program installed on PCs across the UK, where nearly 70% of users were found to be using an end-of-life version.

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