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CurrentC – the mobile payment service attempting to rival Apple Pay – has reported a data breach involving the email addresses of its pilot app testers.

The application’s maker MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) confirmed the email addresses were obtained by unauthorized third parties, which mostly included “dummy accounts” created for testing purposes only.

Source: TechCrunch

The company noted the CurrentC mobile application itself was not affected.

MCX has notified its merchant partners, as well as users who have been directly impacted, and is continuing to investigate the incident.

“Based on investigations by MCX security personnel, only these e-mails addresses were involved and no other information,” read MCXs’ notice to users.

The CurrentC application is currently backed by a network of more than 50 companies, including retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy, Gap, CVS, Lowe’s and Target.

Although the application is not set to fully launch until 2015, the mobile payment feature has gained significant attention after Apple Pay’s recent debut – and allegations of various retailers, such as Rite Aid and CVS, disabling the technology from their stores.

The alternative service to Apple Pay could potentially allow merchants to gain more insight about their customer’s shopping habits and avoid high processing fees on credit card transactions.

Meanwhile, MCX stated in a blog post its service “meets or exceeds industry-standard consumer fraud protection,” in addition to giving users the ability to limit the information they share with retailers.

“Consumers’ privacy and data security are our top priorities,” said MCX. “The technology choices we’ve made take consumers’ security into account at every aspect of their core functionality.”

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