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A new survey reveals that enterprises are rushing to employ cloud applications and mobile devices for mission-critical operations, but most do not have the proper controls in place to prevent data breaches, fraud, and other threats.

More than 80% of organizations surveyed use cloud-based applications to support major business processes and allow employees to use personal devices to access company networks, the survey found, and more than 50% have reported problems with terminated employees trying to access sensitive data.

“With our survey finding that as many as 59% of mission-critical applications will be stored in the cloud by 2016, the need for better management of cloud and mobile access is only going to rise,” said Jackie Gilbert. “Organizations need to have automated policy and controls in place to monitor and manage user access across the entire enterprise – including mobile and cloud applications – in order to minimize security and compliance risk.”

The survey data was based on responses from 400 IT decision makers at companies with at least 5,000 employees in the U.S. and U.K. with $606 million and £665 million budgets respectively

Other key findings include:

  • 57% had experienced the loss of company-owned devices containing sensitive information;
  • 81% are concerned about business users sharing passwords across personal cloud and corporate apps to sensitive data;
  • 46% are not confident in their ability to grant or revoke employee access to applications across their full IT infrastructure;
  • 51% believe that its ‘just a matter of time’ before another security breach occurs; 52% admit that employees have read or seen company documents that they should not have had access to; and
  • 45% believe that employees within their organization would be prepared to sell company data if offered the right price. “Many organizations are struggling to manage ‘who has access to what’ across the enterprise.

“The growing adoption of cloud and mobile technologies is making the problem significantly worse. It’s pretty clear that if you’re not proactively managing cloud and mobile access today, you’re at increased risk of fraud, data theft, and security breaches,” said Gilbert.

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