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Officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations nuclear regulatory agency, confirmed that data-stealing malware was found on several of the agency’s computers, but say they do not believe their entire network was compromised.

The malware, which was spread by way of USB flash drives, was found on units located at the agency’s the Vienna International Centre (VIC) headquarters, and officials believe the systems were infected for at least several months.

“Data from a number of Vienna International Centre (VIC) visitors’ USB drives (data memory sticks) is believed to have been compromised. The (IAEA) secretariat does not believe that the USB devices themselves were infected or that they could spread the malware further. No data from the IAEA network has been affected,” said Serge Gas, the agency’s director of public information.

The malware does not appear to have been designed to spread rapidly between systems, but instead may have intentionally been intended to remain stealthy to avoid detection while it gathered sensitive data.

No further information on what data the malware may have accessed, how the data may have been transmitted, or to where the data may have been sent is available at this time.

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