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picToday, more than ever, businesses and organizations need to stay one step ahead of online attackers and other malicious actors.

There’s ample evidence all around us that proves adversaries are coming up with new and much more sophisticated methods for distributing malware, while remaining undetected for long periods and stealing sensitive customer data, intellectual property or disrupting critical systems.

This 3rd annual Cyber Data Risk Managers 2014 report (PDF – best viewed in Internet Explorer), released on Data Privacy Day, includes many invaluable insights and recommendations offered by Data Privacy and Information Security industry experts that will prove useful for businesses and organizations, regardless of industry or sector.

Insights and recommendations discussed include:

  • Buying Cyber Insurance and Intellectual Property Protection in Today’s Rapidly Evolving Threat Environment by Christine Marciano, President/CEO, Cyber Data Risk Managers
  • Understanding the 2014 Threats, Risks and Importance of Incident Response by JD Sherry, Vice President, Technology & Solutions, Trend Micro
  • The Often Forgotten About Data Breach Weak Spot: Disposal of IT Equipment
    by Judy Selby, Partner, Baker Hotelster
  • Inadequate Protection of Sensitive Data has Increasingly Expensive Consequences, Several Tips to Consider by Barry Schrager, President, XBridge Systems
  • Ad Hoc Incident Response isn’t Enough Anymore by Bruce Schneier, Cyber Security Technologist, Author, CTO, Co3 Systems
  • Massive Target Breach Highlights the Importance of Changing to a Chip-Enabled POS System and 2014 is the Year InfoSec Professionals take a Closer Look at All Things Bitcoin by Richard Santalesa, Member, SmartedgeLaw Group
  • In 2014 Make Sure to Secure Your Public WiFi Networks by Making Them Private by Kent Lawson, CEO, Private Wifi
  • 2014: The Year New Privacy Risks and Data Breaches Arise Due to Evolving Internet of Things, Big Data, Mobile Apps and Wearable Computing Device Risks by Rebecca Herold, CEO, The Privacy Professor
  • Data Breaches will continue to dominate the Headlines in 2014 and Organizations must ensure their Security Efforts Measure Up to Specific Control Standards or else Face the Consequences by Anthony M. Freed, Community Engagement Coordinator, Tripwire
  • Data Breaches are a Fact of Life in the Digital Age and Organizations will Increasingly be under Pressure by Customers and Governments to become more immune to Cyber Attacks by Michael Fertik, CEO,
  • In 2014, The Voice of the Customer Will Drive Organizations to Reprioritize their Security and Data Privacy Measures or Else Lose their Customer’s Business by Jack Danahy, CEO, Danahy Advisors LLC
  • Simply put, 2014 is the Year to Get Back to Basics and Build a Strong Data Privacy and Security Program by Shaun Dakin, CEO, Dakin Associates and the Privacy Camp
  • Why Understanding a Breach Victim’s Mindset is Key to a Successful Data Breach Resolution Plan by Michael Bruemmer, Vice President, Data Breach Resolution, Experian
  • Five Questions for Senior Leadership to Consider on How to bring IT, Physical and Human Security together under a true Information Security Governance Program by Andy Bochman, CEO, Bochman Advisors
  • Listing of Key Information Security Areas that Must be Assessed at Least Annually by Ronald Beltz, Vice President, Loricca