Skip to content ↓ | Skip to navigation ↓, where the world meets DevOps, today launched as the first news website dedicated to covering the most pressing issues surrounding an organizations adoption of the DevOps methodology. The site will feature breaking news and over one hundred new and original content pieces each month provided by some of the most prolific thought leaders who are driving the DevOps movement, including Gene Kim, co-founder and former CTO of Tripwire, Inc and the renowned author of The Phoenix Project.

The DevOps movement has risen to prominence since 2009 based on the need for IT organizations to respond to increased pressure to automate more, iterate faster and to break down barriers between previously segregated disciplines within IT.

DevOps has grown beyond technology tools to encompass a culture and philosophy of empowering IT organizations to better meet the broader business goals of enterprises. Spurred by the cloud, virtualization, and mobile solutions, DevOps and the DevOps community is growing rapidly and significantly impacting the way businesses operate and succeed. contributors will provide content that highlights some of the most pressing issues and trends within the DevOps industry, from firsthand accounts of successful implementation of DevOps processes, to pain points experienced around the integration of developer and operations teams, to tips and tricks for developers and engineers looking to release software on a much more aggressive timeline.

The news site will also feature Q&A columns, global event calendars, and an event planning section that will help facilitate speakers and sponsors with local DevOps meetups and user groups around the world.

“After evangelizing about DevOps for all of these years, I am truly amazed when I see the progress we have made. represents a new milestone in bringing credibility and recognition to DevOps,” says Gene Kim, renowned author and DevOps thought leader. “I am looking forward to helping the team ensure that they give the entire DevOps community a place to learn, grow, and exchange ideas and information.”

“As an investor, I am hesitant to invest in any company with a web presence and 24/7 operation that does not already embrace the DevOps methodology,” says Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group. “At Foundry, we have been supportive and encouraged the development of from the onset and my partners and I are looking forward to its continued growth.”

“As software is eating the world, DevOps is leading the charge,” said Alan Shimel, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief for “We think is perfectly situated to be the central hub of the DevOps movement in terms of thought leadership and facilitating the grass roots growth of DevOps. We are looking forward to expanding beyond our web site to holding great conferences and raise the level of awareness of DevOps to facilitate its growth.”

The website is available today and features stories by leading tech writers and DevOps thought leaders around the globe. It now offers a wide range of topics all touching on DevOps. Additional writers and sponsors are encouraged to contact for more information.