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Russian defense import and export company Rosoboronexport was the target of an attack the resulted in more than one thousand sensitive documents being dumped on the Internet, supposedly in response to the nation’s aggressive military and political action concerning neighboring Ukraine.

Hacktivists operating under the name Russian Cyber Command, posted images of some of the documents on Imgur, but it is yet to be determined if the material are in fact legitimate proprietary information from the company’s dealings.

The hacktivists posted the following statement regarding their motivations for the attack, and also provided a link to the entire data dump said to be available at BayFiles:

“Taken into consideration recent Russian Government delusional attempts to start WWIII, we – Free from Putin – people of Russian Federation – Free computer renegades and outlaws from IT Security – have decided to initiate a true domestic CyberWar on Russian Military Enterprises and eventually we shall deliver critical infrastructure companies on which Russian Putin’s Empire stands on.”

According to reports, the attackers gained access to servers at the Indian embassy in Moscow, and then sent a spear-phishing email to the CEO of Rosoboronexport that may have contained a tainted document or method of malware infection, which led to their access to the company’s networks.

The attack and subsequent data leak comes on the heels of concerns over Russian military and cyber operations aimed at the Crimea region of Ukraine.

“While it cannot yet be confirmed that Russia is, in fact, conducting cyber operations in the Crimean Peninsula, the international community should carefully monitor the situation,” a Georgetown Security Studies report stated.

“As the crisis develops, there are a number of indicators that would demonstrate that Russia is pursuing a cyberstrategy similar to the one it used in Georgia.”

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