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After a breach that exposed millions of customer’s personal information, online auction website eBay faces a class action suit claiming the company failed to implement adequate security measures to protect customer data.

Louisiana citizen Collin Green filed the consumer privacy lawsuit on Wednesday, alleging the breach “has caused, and is continuing to cause, damage to its customers.”

Green also claimed eBay waited to notify customers months after attackers had successfully stolen names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, as well as encrypted passwords.

“eBay’s profit-driven decision to withhold the fact of its security lapse further damaged the class members who were prevented from immediately mitigating the damages from the theft,” read the complaint.

eBay advised all users to change their passwords in its announcement but stated there was no evidence revealing the compromise of financial data.

Green has requested a jury trial on behalf of himself and others. If the combined claims are accepted, the suit could cost eBay more than $5 million.

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