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The public WiFi of the European Parliament was ordered to shut down while officials conduct an investigation into vulnerabilities that may expose emails and login credentials.

The temporary disabling of the system was initiated after the French journal Mediapart reportedly hired a private consultant to hack into the “personal and confidential emails of 14 randomly selected MEPs, parliamentary assistants and employees,” according to EurActiv.

The following advisory was distributed to mebers of Parliament and their staff:

The Parliament has been subject to a man-in-the-middle attack, where a hacker has captured the communication between private smartphones and the public Wi-Fi of the Parliament (EP-EXT Network).

The consequence is that some individual mail-boxes have been compromised. All concerned users have already been contacted and asked to change their password.

As a precaution, the Parliament has therefore decided to switch off the public Wi-Fi network until further notice, and we invite you to contact the ITEC Service Desk in order to install an EP software certificate on all the devices that you use to access the EP IT systems (email, etc…). This certificate will allow you to connect in an automated and secured way to the EP Private Wi-Fi network.

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