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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has seized the domain for online drug and hacking marketplace Silk Road, and arrested it’s owner and operator Ross William Ulbricht ( aka: Dread Pirate Roberts) in San Francisco on charges of violating U.S. narcotics trafficking laws and other crimes.

Court documents state that:

From in or about 2011, up to and including in or about September 2013, ROSS WILLIAM ULBRICHT, a/k/a “Dread Pirate Roberts,” a/k/a “DPR,” a/k/a “Silk Road,” the defendant, owned and operated an underground website, known as “Silk Road,” that provided a platform for drug dealers around the world to sell a wide variety of controlled substances via the Internet.

Along with the seizure of Silk road domains, reports indicate that millions of dollars worth of online currency Bitcoin were also confiscated by authorities.

Silk Road is suspected of enabling as much as $1.2 billion in sales of drugs, malware, hacking services, and other black market commodities, all aided by the use of the Tor Network, which allowed the sites users to conduct transactions anonymously.

“In a section of the forum labeled ‘Security – Tor, Bitcoin, cryptography, anonymity, security, etc.,’ there are numerous postings by users offering advice to other users on how they should configure their computers so as to avoid leaving any trace on their systems of their activity on Silk Road,” FBI special agent Christopher Tarbell stated in the official complaint.

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