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The popular online aggregator Feedly continues to be targeted by criminal elements with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks tied to an extortion scheme, and temporarily rendered the service inaccessible by its users again.

“The ops team has reviewed the attacks and is working on building a second line of defense to neutralize this new attack. To make breaching those defenses harder, we can not communicate as frequently as we would like on the status of our infrastructure changes,” the company said after the second wave of attacks began Thursday.

“These criminals are determined to try to extort some money and we are determined to say no to extortion and focus on building a stronger feedly instead.”

An update from the company indicates that a third wave of attacks began early Friday morning, and to complicate matter the Feedly team is also trying to resolve problems with their transatlantic service provider, resulting in non-U.S. users losing access to the service.

“The attack was neutralized and you should be able to access feedly from the US. Our network provider is running into a transatlantic issue so it will take a bit longer for non US users to access feedly,” the update stated.

“We are on the phone with our network provider to try to get an ETA on their transatlantic network issue. This is not related to the DDoS attack. We will update this post as soon as we have an ETA. We apologize to our non US users. It has been an intense week. We look forward to seeing this chapter behind us so that you can go back to a happy reading experience.”

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