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British law enforcement have arrested eight people who are being charged with hacking Barclays Bank with a 3G mobile internet dongle connected to a keyboard video mouse device (KVM) and pilfering £1.3 million pounds.

“The arrests are the result of a long-term intelligence-led operation by the Metropolitan Police’s PeCU, in partnership with Barclays Bank, who have been investigating the theft of £1.3 million from the Swiss Cottage branch of Barclays in April 2013,” a Met Police statement stated.

An investigation by Scotland Yard found the 3G mobile internet dongle and KVM switch had been surreptitiously installed on computer unit in a Barclays branch which allowed the attackers the ability to remotely access the bank’s systems.

“A male purporting to be an IT engineer had gained access to the branch, falsely stating he was there to fix computers. He had then deployed the KVM device. This enabled the criminal group to remotely transfer monies to predetermined bank accounts under the control of the criminal group,” the Met police statement continued.

Police say that “cash, jewellery, drugs, thousands of credit cards and personal data” were discovered during the arrests, and Barclays has recovered most of the the funds stolen from their accounts.

Last week twelve people were arrested for their participation in an attempt to similarly steal funds from Santander Bank using a KVM switch.

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