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What do you get when you combine three brilliant infosec goofballs, a production company with impeccable production values, and a crazy idea to produce a humorous video series aimed at security pros? You get HostUnknown

Last week we followed up story that began a few months ago at Infosecurity Europe when we stumbled upon Twist and Shout‘s Jim Shields (@JimShout) hidden away in a discreet location shooting video footage of some well known pranksters, namely Javvad Malik (@J4vv4D) and his cohorts Thom Langford (@ThomLangford) and Andy Agnes (@SirJester) – and this nexus of the ridiculous piqued our curiosity.

We had pretty much forgotten about the incident, or perhaps blocked it from our collective memories as some sort of psychological defense mechanism, until we stumbled upon a riotous teaser video which can be found here.

After doing some digging, a little cajoling, and a lot of blackmail, we were finally able to get the low down on what these icons of idiocy were up to, and again our curiosity is piqued.


HostUnknown is a new type of information security show, one that is focused more on the infosec lifestyle than on any specific technologies, and on personalities rather than any actual actual useful or applicable knowledge.

“The presenters look at real world information security issues in a unique and humorous way, and bring their inimitable opinions to the audience. With challenges, features and interviews, the show is an enjoyable view of our industry,” or so the anonymous spokesperson for HostUnknown would like us to believe.

We queried the liaison as to who the real brainchild behind this assault on our intelligence might be, but unfortunately each of the three co-costs seem to believe it was all own their idea.

“Thom recalls suggesting the idea during a meeting at a lovely gastro pub overlooking the Thames and the O2 Dome, while Javvad recalls his coming up with the idea over a spicy curry, and Andrew is cstill onvinced the idea was bought up by him at a chicken shack on the Mile End road,” the spokes lamented.

“We are sure however that all three of them see this as a team effort, and are always looking out for one another. The little jokes and insults you may often see them throwing at each other in front of the camera or on social media are of course for comic effect, honestly,” they continued.

HostUnknown’s studio shows are produced in conjunction with the world renowned Twist & Shout, and you will also see a fair amount of self-filmed and produced work as the team attends various conferences and events.

“In between takes, each one of the co-hosts is so intent on delivering their very best effort that you rarely see them even so much as talking to each other – they are just that committed to this project,” the spokesperson confided.

The intention of HostUnknown is to be a self funding enterprise, so they are seeking to land some corporate sponsorship deals and will dedicate a portion of the show to sponsors featuring at least two of the co-hosts.

“It’s not like we could rely on the presenters to pay for this is it?” the spokesperson said. “Additionally they are available to attend your conference or Chapter meeting on a purely time and expenses basis. Imagine the kudos of having the HostUnknown team to film at your event, and the potential draw for your attendees!”

They encourage interested parties with lots of cash laying around to contact them at or head over to for more information, and to follow them on Twitter @HostUnknownTV, because they have an embarrassingly low number of followers.

“And just to be clear, our lawyers have instructed us to say that any payments need to be cleared with ‘Javvad’s people’, whomever they may be,” the spokesperson said. “Apparently he is being watched… by his insect overlords.”