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Reports indicate Iranian cyber warfare commander Mojtaba Ahmadi has been assassinated, leading to more speculation that leading figures in Iran’s security leadership is being selectively targeted for elimination by forces from outside the country.

According to reports, Ahmadi was shot twice at close range by two unknown assailants on a motorcycle, and died at the scene, a remote area north of Tehran near the town of Karaj.

“I could see two bullet wounds on his body and the extent of his injuries indicated that he had been assassinated from a close range with a pistol,” an eyewitness told a Revolutionary Guard supported website.

Memorial postings on a Facebook page operated by members of the Cyber War Headquarters acknowledge Ahmadi’s death, and users were cautioned not to disclose details for fear of harming Iran’s national security.

“Stop giving more information about him. The counter-revolutionaries will take advantage of his murder,” said one commenter.

Since 2007, as many as six key Iranians have been assassinated, including nuclear and missile scientists, leading many to believe Israel’s intelligence wing Mossad may be behind the assassinations.

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