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Microsoft has announced the company has established the Microsoft Cybercrime Center in an effort to share their “technical expertise as well as cutting-edge tools and technology” to better combat cybercrime on the Internet.

The new unit will continue Microsoft’s long term effort to bolster trusted computing by focusing on issues such as malware, botnets, intellectual property theft, and child exploitation on the web.

“The Microsoft Cybercrime Center is where our experts come together with customers and partners to focus on one thing: keeping people safe online,” said David Finn, associate general counsel of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit. “By combining sophisticated tools and technology with the right skills and new perspectives, we can make the Internet safer for everyone.”

The project will tap the expertise of attorneys, investigators, technical experts and forensic analysts from across the globe, and includes a dedicated space a the Redmond campus for research and collaboration.

“In the fight against cybercrime the public sector significantly benefits from private sector expertise, such as provided by Microsoft,” said Noboru Nakatani, executive director of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation.

“The security community needs to build on its coordinated responses to keep pace with today’s cybercriminals. The Microsoft Cybercrime Center will be an important hub in accomplishing that task more effectively and proactively.”

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