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Last week, Microsoft announced it would no longer send emails to subscribers announcing certain security advisories, bulletins and revisions starting July 1, 2014.

The company notified mailing list subscribers that the suspension was due to “changing governmental policies concerning the issuance of electronic messaging.” Microsoft advised IT and security administrators to subscribe to the company’s RSS feeds, instead.

Since 2002, the email list was renowned for alerting subscribers of new security updates, such as “Patch Tuesday” – security revisions occurring the second Tuesday of every month.

Although it is unclear whether the mailing list will resume in the future, it appears that the “governmental policy change” refers to the new Canadian anti-spam law scheduled to take effect beginning July 1, 2014. The law was passed in December of 2010, instating the prohibition of sending of emails without consent, as well as the use of false or misleading representations in the promotion of products or services, among others regulations.

In order to invite customers to continue receiving promotional emails, Microsoft Canada created an opt-in form with various prizes to subscribers as incentives.

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