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Microsoft has announced a new service called Microsoft Interflow, a threat intelligence exchange platform designed for use by analysts and researchers that they hope will allow security pros to respond more quickly to threats with near real-time data and resource-saving automated processes.

“What the cybersecurity community will benefit from is a more productive way to collaborate and take action. It is encouraging to see Microsoft invest in such a platform, and drive it forward for the greater good of the community,” said Zheng Bu, VP of Security Research at FireEye.

Micorsoft says the service will allow security researchers and practitioners to:

  • Collaborate for a collectively stronger ecosystem: Further strengthen your cybersecurity capabilities by consuming and sharing security and threat information with communities of your choice
  • Prioritize action through automation: Eliminate manual processes, rapidly detect and analyze using automated machine-to-machine shared security and threat information, while helping reduce cost of defense
  • Integrate using plug-in architecture: Easily connect to existing operational and analytical tools using community-driven specifications to extend the value of your existing tools and investments

“A collectively stronger cybersecurity ecosystem means better protection for consumers and businesses. There are many examples of alliances across industries, such as those established in the education and finance sectors. Recently, a similar cybersecurity alliance was formed in the retail industry,” the company said.

“As retailers and others share threat indicators and take action rapidly, cyberattacks are either prevented, or their damage and spread are minimized. Interflow enables exactly this type of community and peer-based sharing, whether the communities are formed by the Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) across the globe or by industry.”

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