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Belgium’s largest telecom provider earlier this week acknowledged it discovered they had suffered a security event after detecting a malicious agent on the company’s network.

Belgacom Group issued a statement saying that no customer data was exposed, but according to reports that may not be the case.

One report in CSO by Steve Ragan states that “sources have told local media (De Standaard) that at least two years worth international phone traffic was compromised by the discovered malware. In a press conference, Belgacom said that they had no idea how long the malware was present on their network, but deflected more direct questions.”

Ragan goes on to say that “well-informed sources, another local report ( said that the attackers — likely the NSA or Britain’s GCHQ — were focused on Belgacom’s International Carrier Services, a support service that delvers traffic between Swisscom and South Africa’s MTN, which is also one of the largest service providers in Africa and the Middle East. If true, then these allegations align with what’s been publicly reported about the Tempora program ran by the GCHQ.”

Whatever the case, it is clear we are no where near getting the full story on either the Belgacom breach or revelations about NSA surveillance operations, so expect more to come…