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Reports of cyber attack that temporarily crippled a major artery in Israel’s national road network in the northern city of Haifa has been deemed incorrect, and the problems have been determined to have been caused by a controls malfunction.

The Associated Press reported that a cyber attack has taken “key operations out of commission two days in a row and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.”

“One expert, speaking on condition of anonymity because the breach of security was a classified matter, said a Trojan horse attack targeted the security camera apparatus in the Carmel Tunnels toll road on Sept. 8. A Trojan horse is a malicious computer program that users unknowingly install that can give hackers complete control over their systems,” USA Today reported.

CarmelTun, the company that runs the tunnel systems in question, has since issued a statement denying that the outage was due to a cyber attack.

“The event in question was due to a malfunction in the control system which was repaired in the shortest time to restore traffic to normal. It was an internal component malfunction that was not connected to external systems and in any case this was not a hacker attack,” the statement read.

No further details are available at this time.