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The popular sports betting and news website Racing Post was the target of attackers who compromised the publication;s systems potentially exposing hundreds of thousands of users’ names, account login credentials, and email addresses.

The company stated that they had been the target of a “sophisticated, sustained and aggressive attack on Friday and Saturday” which resulted in the data breach.

The compromised passwords were encrypted, but the company is not confident that the encryption is strong enough to withstand cracking techniques,, and is recommending users immediately change their passwords.

Fortunately, the publisher’s report that no credit card or other financial information was exposed, but the compromise of names and email addresses could leave victims susceptible to phishing campaigns and spammers.

The exact number of compromised accounts has not been determined, but the company estimates that it “would be a six figure number. It’s basically anyone who has ever registered or transacted with us and has had to logon,” said Racing Post editor Bruce Millington.

“We’ve tried to be really open here. I believe that other companies, when this sort of thing happens, they tend to say as little as possible. Our view is that we wish it hadn’t happened, but we’ve got nothing particular to hide here,” Millington continued.

“We’d rather paint a worst-case-scenario situation so our customers can decide on what action to take.”

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