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The results of a recent survey of 1,300 IT service providers worldwide reveals that security concerns continue to make many organizations wary of engaging in cloud-based services, surpassing even mobile-device management angst and issues with adequate support in the cloud for robust data management.

Despite the concerns, Forrester has forecast that “spending on cloud software, platform and infrastructure services will grow from $28 billion today to $258 billion in 2020, reaching 45% of total IT services spend.”

“The expansion of the cloud is a golden opportunity for managed service providers,” said Autotask’s Len DiCostanzo. “To capitalize on the cloud’s growth, IT service providers need to focus on expanding their managed service offerings to include cloud services, increasing security and evolving their business model to be more consultative, where they deliver integrated business solutions and trusted service, not just IT support.”

The study also detailed IT hiring trends, service billing rates, and issues driving the demand for expanded IT service, with key findings including:

  • 54% of IT companies say security tops their clients’ concerns, ahead of support for the cloud (52%), mobile-device management (46%) and data management (45%)
  • 87% of all IT companies and 94% in the U.S. plan to do the same or more hiring this year compared to last year
  • IT companies cited new client requests (78%), the need for new skills (45%) and geographic expansion (25%) along with the improved economy as the factors driving their hiring plans in 2014
  • IT companies say they most value their technicians’ technical knowledge (34%), followed by how much customers like them (20%) and how many hours they bill (18%)
  • IT companies’ billing rates appear to be rising. Last year, 51% of companies said they billed an hourly rate of $100 to $150. This year, that number jumped to 62%

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