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It is apparent that some kind of silly security shenanigans are in the works, but the masterminds behind the scenes are being unusually tight-lipped about exactly what it is they are up to.

The story began a few months ago at Infosecurity Europe when we stumbled upon Twist and Shout‘s Jim Shields (@JimShout) hidden away in a discreet location shooting video footage of some well known pranksters, namely Javvad Malik (@J4vv4D) and his cohorts Thom Langford (@ThomLangford) and Andy Agnes (@SirJester).

When we approached the group between shootings, we were somewhat rudely and quite briskly hustled out of the area by some rather brutish henchmen, obviously in the employ of Mr. Shields.

We had all but forgotten (but not necessarily forgiven) their lack of cordials until stumbling upon this random video clip posted anonymously on YouTube:


The clip does not reveal much as to what these jokers might be up to, and they have declined to respond to several emails requesting a statement on the footage.

In fact, the only reply we received was a rather curt suggestion to “mind our own business,” which has only served to pique our curiosity and encouraged us to dig a little deeper into the matter.

Thus, if anyone has any information on what these clowns might be up to, please let us know posthaste, and be sure to share the video widely before it get’s pulled and the culprits try to cover their tracks:

In the meantime, we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of these high jinks…