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A subdomain of the U.S State Department was defaced by an Indonesian hacktivist identified only as Dbuzz, but the motivation for the attack may have been a benign attempt to demonstrate the website’s lack of security.

“Dbuzz doesn’t appear to be that prominent, more of an opportunistic website defacer. The messages do not appear to be politically or religiously motivated, simply a proof of exploitation for the world to see,” said CloudPassage’s Andrew Hay.

The site, Our Planet, is dedicated to providing information and opinions on environmental issues, and to “showcase what people are doing all over the world to mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

The hacktivist’s defacement was minor, and did not include any overt political motivation, simply displaying the following image and text:


Hacked by Dbuzz! Secure Your Box. Cheers To : Black Angels ~ pH4TH0rM0n ~ Pak RT!

“Dbuzz is either an idealist or a state sponsored actor, most likely, but there’s no way to know for sure with such a small footprint. By the sites he’s defaced he seems to be less interested in doing harm than showing people their vulnerabilities, so I’d err on the side of saying an idealist. But it’s all speculation,” said WhiteHat Security’s Robert Hansen.

The hacktivist is also implicated in the defacement of the website, according to reports.

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