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Tripwire announced the results of a survey of attendees at the RSA Conference in which respondents were asked which security event had a greater impact on security strategies – the Target data breach or the Snowden leaks.

The results of the survey were as follows:

  • 52 percent of the respondents said the Target breach had a greater impact on their security budgets;
  • 56 percent of the respondents said the Target breach had a greater impact on their executives’ security awareness;
  • 27 percent of the respondents said neither the Target breach nor the Snowden leaks impacted their security budget.

“It’s not surprising that the Target breach is having a significant impact on most organizations,” said Dwayne Melancon, chief technology officer for Tripwire. “The Target breach involved a lot of money, something enterprises understand in a very concrete way.”

The Tripwire survey examined the views of more than 150 infosec professionals at the annual security conference to gauge the impact that the two events may have on security budgets and executive awareness.

“The visibility of the Target breach, and the resulting financial ripple effect, has definitely gotten the attention of executives, particularly when it comes to third party security risks. Many IT organizations will use this increase in awareness to increase security budgets, but the really smart IT security leaders will use this opportunity to engage with the organization in a more strategic, business-focused way,” Melancon continued.

“Those who pursue this critical alignment of security with business goals will gain both resources and executive mindshare over the long haul, not just during this recent storm.”