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With over 2.6 million security professionals worldwide, the availability of Penetration tools has exploded lately. But sometimes choosing the appropriate pentest tools becomes, and in an effort to produce a comprehensive list of available pentest tools, independent researchers have designed the following brief survey.

The goal is to get a better picture of the landscape of penetration tools used by security professionals, and help new comers make good choices when they set up their own pentest toolbox.

So far, the survey was taken by 650+ infosec professionals, and will last for a month or so. The results are available under Creative Commons License, so everyone can benefit from the results. Also, once the survey is completed, the researchers will publish an infographic with the survey results.

The survey can be taken here, and the results can be accessed here. Once you have complete the survey, you will be automatically redirected to the results page.

The researchers appreciate your participation.