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Computerworld’s Annual Forecast Survey reveals that organizations will be looking to bolster their IT department staff by over 30% in 2014, and the hottest skills in demand mean good prospecting for those looking for a new position, and fierce competition for those looking to fill important positions.

According to Mondo’s CEO Michael Kirven, those with the most desired skills may be looking at a market with nearly zero unemployment as companies scramble to snatch up the best candidates. “If you want them, you can be 100% sure there are at least two other firms that want them, as well,” Kirven said.

The leading careers paths in demand in 2014 include:

  • Programming and application development: Also this year’s top slot, with 49% of those surveyed looking for new hires in this sector over the next year
  • Help desk and IT support: With 37% of respondents seeking new personnel, up from number three in the previous report
  • Networking personnel: With 31% of survey participants looking to hire, up from the eighth spot prior
  • Mobile applications and device management: Up from number nine with 31% seeking applicants
  • Project management: Down from the number two spot with 27% looking to fill positions
  • Database administrators: With nearly one-quarter of those surveyed in the market for new blood
  • Compliance and security governance personnel: Down from the number four spot with just over 20% looking to hire in this field
  • Business intelligence and analytics: With 18% – down from the number five spot previously

Aside from the hot IT skills in demand, employers are also looking for the non-technical skills that make an employee a good fit in the organization. For additional analysis form the report:

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