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Vodafone Germany has been hacked, and as many as two million customer records have been compromised, some including banking details.

It is not immediately known when the breach originally occurred, and officials from the company only recently begun the process of alerting affected customers.

The company has already involved law enforcement agencies in the investigation, and it is confirmed that a suspect has been identified and searches conducted in the case.

“The offender gained access to the master data of 2 million people. He stole names, addresses, dates of birth, gender, sort codes and account numbers. It is certain that the perpetrator had no access to credit card information , passwords , PIN numbers , mobile phone numbers or data connection,” the company said in a statement (translated from the original German).

While the compromised data is said to not pose any immediate threat, the likelihood that it could be used in phishing attacks makes the disclosure nonetheless serious in nature.

The company plans on taking immediate steps to bolster security in their operations centers to mitigate the threat of any similar breaches i the future.

“The security of data is a top priority for Vodafone .The company’s IT systems meet the highest possible standards. They are regularly updated and expanded. Vodafone will take all necessary steps to further improve the security of the systems and to protect them from future criminal attacks,” the company’s statement said.