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Where we lack awareness of all or part of our shared infrastructure we are unable to control it. Where we are unable to control our infrastructure there can be no effective defense against those who would use it against us. ICS-ISAC will be hosting a webinar panel discussion on Wednesday March 26th 1:00-2:00 pm EDT titled SARA- Understanding and Implementing Shared Situational Awareness.

The Situational Awareness Reference Architecture (SARA) is an ongoing project to compile and publish an applied guide to the processes, practices, standards and technologies which facilities and others can use to establish situational awareness.

SARA provides applicable steps for creating local and shared situational awareness. In this session SARA will be described and discussed by industry leaders — including Fred Cohen (Fearless Security) and Graham Speake (Yokogawa) — who have been involved in its development.

To achieve the goal of a stable shared infrastructure we must begin with establishing awareness at facilities. Where facilities have awareness they are able to apply knowledge shared with them, and they are able to derive knowledge that can be shared with others. From such a foundation of awareness at facilities can arise a shared awareness at the level of municipalities, regions, nations and among the international community.

Register here to attend this event Wednesday March 26th 1:00-2:00 pm EDT

The ICS-ISAC is a non-profit Knowledge Sharing Center established to help facilities develop situational awareness in support of local, national and international security. At the ICS-ISAC facility operators, integrators, vendors, researchers and the communities they support work together to share the means and methods necessary to maintain safe and stable societies.

The following video provides a brief overview of SARA.

The ICS ISAC was recently awarded a DHS HOST grant to support the pilot of the SARA project. The ICS ISAC would like to thank DHS, Georgia Technical Institute, the Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) team and our membership for their support.

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