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Biometric security options have been around for years, but they never really seemed to catch on in the consumer market.

Most everyone continues to lament the cumbersome nature of maintaining multiple passwords that are of sufficient length and complexity to thwart the most common methodologies used to attempt crack them.

Either that, or they still use ridiculously simple ones like the ones we see in year after year in analysis of breached password database dumps.

Now that Apple has introduced a fingerprint scanner for the new iPhone 5S, will consumers finally start looking to biometric options for security, and as an alternative to the password?

“No biometric form factor is more well-known and widely deployed than the fingerprint scanner. Apple is by no means the first computer company to put a fingerprint reader on a device,” writes Threatpost’s Brian Donohue.

“Laptop makers dabbled with the idea here and there throughout the 2000s. The practice never really caught on, but the popularity of the iPhone promises to bring the fingerprint reader to the public like never before…”

We shall see.

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