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If there was ever a more ubiquitous application that would be found on desktops, laptops and servers alike its Adobe Reader. Software vendors publish their user guides in PDF, everyone and their brother prints to PDF using applications like PrimoPDF, and its the go to format for virtually any important document these days…so why is it no surprise that the cracker has finally figured out a way to exploit the format as seen here:

Basically, the cracker emails the malicious PDF to someone in the company, probably the people with the least amount of security training and hope that the sucker tries to open the document. At that point some sort of code will probably be downloaded to the victim’s computer and it is turned into a zombie…

Of course if the company has any sort of enhanced file integrity software the installed malicious code would be quickly detected…any IT Ninja worth his or her salt will have such an application in their bag of magic ninja tricks. Ninjas versus Zombies…now that would be cool…

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