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You may have seen Matt’s post earlier today about vWire, the community, and all that. The big “what’s new” for you today is OpsCheck. With apologies to the Rolling Stones, OpsCheck is like your knight in shining armor – coming to your vMotional rescue.

OpsCheck Let me explain…

In conversations at VMware user groups, it’s pretty common to hear from people who are having trouble getting VMotion to work. For all its power, VMotion is a delicate flower of a feature and it will fail if it’s not configured just right. With all of the knobs and dials involved in properly configuring VMotion (and all the places to look to verify those knobs and dials), I’ve heard from quite a few frustrated admins.

That’s where OpsCheck comes in. In the push of a button, OpsCheck helps ensure your systems are configured to support VMware VMotion by rapidly analyzing ESX 3.0, 3.5, and ESXi hypervisors.

If OpsCheck discovers any configuration discrepancies that affect VMotion, Tripwire’s VMotion Troubleshooting Guidance provides tactical, specific recommendations for your environment, allowing you to immediately bring your system into a “VMotionable” state.

Oh – best of all, it’s free. Check it out by clicking the OpsCheck logo above.