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I was reading up on tech trends for 2009, and stumbled across Network World’s piece on hot technology, and found the section Virtualization: Hot Technology for 2009.

hot weather For many of us have been dealing with virtualization for years sometimes it doesn’t necessarily feel like it qualifies as new any more.  And, inevitably, the “what’s next” question comes up quite a bit.  According to this article <shock!> the answer is:  more virtualization.

Actually, for some enterprises will bring more advanced, more deployed, or more formalized use of virtualization while for others enterprises 2009 may be when they decide to put their toe in the water.

This is good news (to me, at least) for several reasons:

  1. If you’re reading this blog,  virtualization is probably and area you know something about, which means you can add even more value in 2009;
  2. The economic uncertainty will likely help accelerate this trend (that’s about the only thing good I can say about the economic uncertainty…);
  3. Vendors (not just virtualization providers) will likely introduce more new, exciting (and fun) solutions and tools for us to play work with.

From the article, you can see a number of other areas they’ve tagged as “Hot,” including Cloud Computing.  Worth a few minutes, for sure.