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Five things that Security Bloggers won’t tell you

  1. How the CEO of a leading IT Security and Compliance Automation company gets his thrills.
  2. How much blood is shed on a regular basis at a leading IT Security company.
  3. Which Security software sales rep swims the Willamette River daily—and why.
  4. Customer Support team:  boxers or briefs?
  5. Why the Marketing team of a leading Security company has a strange obsession with cats.

This is essential information that you just don’t get from other Security bloggers.  Why not?  Perhaps they are scared to face the truth about the amazing people and awesome times that occur in a Security company.  Perhaps they feel that they are above this type of reporting. Or, perhaps—and I think this might be it—they are just too busy blogging about security related topics.  Well, reader, I’m not too busy or above this, and…I’m not scared.  This is why I’m here:  to go behind the scenes at Tripwire, an industry leader in IT Security and Compliance Automation, to give you what you really want:  information that is not exactly relevant to security but is still fairly intriguing.  Just try, blog reader, to avert your eyes—just try!

You may wonder why a techie-rejecky like me would be blogging for a hi-tech company.  Good wondering!  Why in the world would a Facebook disser, “dumb phone” user, non-tweexter (I neither tweet nor text) be penning a security blog?   Well, I will tell you.  It’s because over my two years of employment here at Tripwire, I have built up a deep admiration for the company.  I have developed a sincere respect and admiration for my coworkers.  Ultimately, I have found a joy here, which I have not found anywhere else.  This is a unique company, of which I am proud and excited to be a part.  Simply put: it’s the best.  Why not blog about it?

So, while those other whiz kids (Dwayne, Michael, Shawna, Adam, and my other genius peers) impart relevant information and sharp insights into the world of security, I will be serving up a unique perspective of Tripwire, its people and its daily goings-on.  I will present in-depth features of Tripwire’s brilliant employees, cover exciting events, and even do fashion reviews!* Just think of me as the plucky reporter, hot on the beat of the next big story (or the little one with heart).  Friends, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of Tripwire, and I am ready to give you the finger!

Let the other bloggers “wow” you with their extensive knowledge of Security.  Let them stay “on-topic.”  I will give you the “hot topic,” like who wore the cutest outfit to work today!  I’m sorry, but those brainiacs just don’t possess that kind of expertise.

Perhaps, blog reader, this is the last you’ll ever care to read my blog. Maybe this is just too much trivial fluff for your computer-like mind.  I get it.  Still, I entreat you to return. Visit me next month for the first installment of my gripping in-depth, behind the scenes, human- interest series that I am calling…it is called…presenting…well, I don’t have a name for it yet, but I am really starting to think about it.

Until next time…stay secure and stay Trippy!



* Not really.