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Just perusing a solid article from Alan Joch on “6 Tips for Server Virtualization.”  All of his recommendations are right on, but I find them to be ‘necessary but not sufficient.’

sk8r One thing he doesn’t explicitly mention is to invest in developing your own standards, policies, practices, and competencies within your organization so you can get real value from your virtualization dollar.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the stuff that will tank your investment usually traces back to a people / process / skills shortfall.  I’ve mentioned the ConfigCheck tool here a bunch of times as a free, easy way to get your v12n (virtualization) staff up the learning curve quickly and confidently.

You can also study the volumes of useful best practice information in books (such as Ed Haletky’s books), VMware’s VMTN communities, the VI:OPS portal, killer blogs like, DABCC, and so forth.

As I’ve noted many times – server virtualization is no silver bullet.  But, used properly – with mad skillz – virtualization will change your business for the better.

(oh – and Joch’s article is very good, otherwise)