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If you have been following us over at @TripwireInc or watching the content for the RSA Conference at #RSAC you may have seen us mention this attraction we are calling the Security Smackdown. This is a game we have sitting in the middle of our booth at the 2010 RSA Conference in San Francisco. I wanted to take a minute to give you the low down on how to play and what you win.

How to play

It is really simple in concept (not so easy in reality). You play against someone on the other side of the machine. Each of you stick your arm in one side of the box and the machine gets turned on. The object is to grab 5 of the white balls and put them in the tube on your side inside the box. The first one to do that wins.

What do you win?

Everyone that plays gets entered into the drawing for the day. If you win you get entered to win twice for the day. Each day the pool of possible winners starts over. So what do you win? What do you really want? I know I want one. EACH DAY we are giving away an APPLE iPAD. This is not just any old iPad. This is the 3G 64gb top of the line. So come by every day and you can have a chance to win!

Each night we go and look at all of the people that were entered to win and a person is randomly selected using a random number generator. (Sorry – being specific for the technical people.) And we promise you will have a ton of fun!