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On June 9, 2009 Tripwire officially embarked on a new adventure – vWire. vWire is a product built from the ground up to inspire confidence in the virtualization professional by giving him the virtualization management tools that he needs. This is something that a team of people within Tripwire have been dedicated to over the last 8-10 months. If you are reading this and are a Tripwire Enterprise customer don’t worry – Tripwire is actually investing more in TE than they ever have. We just happen to be doing some new things also.

Virtualization is a market that is growing quickly but lacking management for the virtual infrastructure. We have spent months talking with virtualization professionals to understand what keeps them awake at night and how they manage the daily operations of their virtual infrastructure. What we discovered was that one of the main concerns was around preventing and diagnosing daily operational issues. We took some of our core IP from Tripwire and applied it in a new way, added lots of new stuff and out popped vWire – our first of it’s kind virtualization management solution. We are very please to finally bring this public. We have had this in the hands of alpha, beta and release candidate users for some time and we are excited to make it available to the masses.

You can get a fully functional, completely free (you don’t even have to fill out a form!), 30 day evaluation copy of vWire at There is also a community to support and add value to your evaluation. We are selling this product exclusively online at our vWire online store. If you have questions please reach out to us in the vWire community.

We look forward to seeing you there.