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For some time now here at Tripwire there has been a team working on what has been known internally as Project Spitfire. You have seen part of this team here at the Virtual Black Hole but today is a significant coming out party for the entire team. What we announced today is the first phase of a new initiative here at Tripwire focused on virtualization management known as vWire. This is a separate line of business from Tripwire Enterprise and is entirely focused on solutions to make the VI professional’s life easier.

As part of this, today we announced that OpsCheck is now available at OpsCheck is a free tool that helps you ensure your VMotion is operational. We also today announced a new community for VI professionals. There are already lots of great discussions about OpsCheck and virtual infrastructure management within the vWire community.

Last June we released ConfigCheck to allow you to test your VI configurations agains the VMWare hardening guidelines. This great free tool is also available at ConfigCheck was recently rated one of the top 10 free VMWare tools over on VM/ETC.

There is lots more to come but this is a big day for us. We hope you enjoy the free tools, website and community as they have been designed in an effort to help with problems that we have been hearing from VI Professionals.