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As was posted here yesterday, there were a lot of changes at VMware this week, prompting lots of speculation and (in my opinion) premature declarations of the end of VMware. For example, as CNet’s Matt Asay mentions in his post “VMware feeling the open-source sting,”

It was great while it lasted, VMware. Who knows? Maybe it can last a few more years. But I wouldn’t bank on it. Neither, apparently, would Wall Street.

I think Asay is a little premature in call VMware out. But he does surface something I agree with:

My colleague, James Urquhart, pinged me tonight to suggest that “Management is where its at. VMWare has good technology there (see B-Hive), but they only do it for their stuff.”

I absolutely agree with Urquhart on this one – for virtualization, “Management is where it’s at.”

Let the battle begin!

This is staring to get exciting – kind of like an episode of Iron Chef. (If you’re not familiar with the show, two competing chefs are given the same “secret ingredient” and each must use their own prowess to impress the judges more than their opponent does.)

Both Microsoft and VMware now have the secret ingredient “Hypervisor” and are now battling for the title of “Iron Chef Virtualization.” This is shaping up to be classic, cliffhanger, soap opera stuff:

  • Will Hyper-V enable Microsoft to pull VMware into its turf for a management throwdown? (After all, management is not new to Microsoft…)
  • Will VMware be able to deliver innovative management solutions that enable it to make money, as well as its ISV partners?
  • Will VMware become so easy to manage its infrastructure that any VI admin would rather fight than switch?
  • Will Microsoft make good on its commitment to be “the world’s best datacenter management solution,” and to “manage VMware better than VMware”?
  • Will either company embrace the heterogeneous datacenter with a complete solution that enables best in class results regardless of an enterprise’s starting skill level with virtualization?

Stay tuned to find out!