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Dec. 21. 2012 marks the end of world as we know it based on the Mayan calendar!   And because the media has played it up people are hoarding supplies and schools are announcing closures just to be safe.

Sounds like a FUD play to me, the same kind that vendors use to drive security product sales.  How many times have you heard the dire predictions about what could happen if you don’t act now, or worse used it on your management to justify your budget?

If you’re like me and you’ve had enough FUD for a lifetime, you might want to look a little deeper at this 2012 phenomenon. There is another interpretation – that this date marks the beginning of a new era, a positive transformation.

Personally I would rather align with this view and challenge Security move away from FUD permanently and look for ways to embrace the forces of change that we face every day.

Why not focus on the areas where Security can collaborate with other areas to ensure that business needs are met and security is improved?

For example InformationWeek says with some advance planning and communication you can partner with the PCI Compliance people in your organization to improve infrastructure security by proactively leveraging the mandate, and eliminate your compliance fear and frustration in the bargain.

Another approach that is gaining ground is Risk-based Security Management  which requires Security to collaborate with the business to understand assets that are critical to business health and profitability and develop plans to address risks for these assets.

So even if Dec 21, 2012 doesn’t mark the end of the world, we can use this time as a jumping off point to think about new ways to approach security through collaboration and protect the businesses we serve.


Mayan Calendar courtesy via Shutterstock