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At Microsoft’s “GetVirtualNow” event on Monday, Microsoft demonstrated their equivalent of Microsoft’s VMotion – which they call “Live Migration.” They brought up a VM session that was showing a video, and moved it to another server in real time. It went flawlessly an the video playback was never impacted. Afterwards, Microsoft honcho Bob Muglia said, “There is no magic in VMotion – it’s just a feature. And we’ll have that feature in our next release.”

This is more than a technical “in your face” move – this is about a sea change in the virtualization market. We’re now getting to the point where the virtualization technology itself is not the story – the story is what you can do for your business using this technology.

This sea change was apparent in other ways at the Microsoft event, as the spotlights were all about effectiveness in managing datacenters (Microsoft System Center), continuous compliance across physical & virtual environments (Tripwire), resource planning (CiRBA), and other applications that go beyond the “feeds & speeds” of whose whizbang feature is the hottest.

As Derek Crawford commented at the event, we can all sit around and say “My better is better than your better” all day long. The real story is in the results for the business.