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I can’t stand it when bloggers use a post to advertise some product or service offering. It’s insulting. It’s borderline rude.

But I’m gonna do it anyway. Sorry. Bear with me while I explain…

In September we launched version 8.1 of Tripwire Enterprise, our company’s flagship security configuration management product. It’s a great release that makes configuration assessment, integrity monitoring and configuration remediation simpler, smarter and more scalable for our customers… but I’m not sure that’s what’s best about it.

What I love is the way we used the release to roll out a series of video vignettes that capture the value propositions and differentiators around these capabilities. What makes TE unique?  What makes our VIA platform unique?

These fast-moving, well-orchestrated videos are less than a minute in length and cover a dozen capabilities of Tripwire Enterprise, including:

There are also videos highlighting the benefits of Tripwire’s VIA platform for control integration:

  • Integrating security data from multiple controls
  • Tripwire VIA correlations, combing log events and change events to provide exceptional security clarity (This video is WAY cooler than I just made it sound. Start with this one!)

I know, I know: online videos are not exactly rocket science. They’re not going to change the world of IT security and they’re not going put the cyber bad guys away.

But it might make people realize the power Tripwire products have to defend the priceless data these bad guys are after. And it might make current users  — especially folks who bought Tripwire Enterprise for PCI compliance and don’t use the other 90% of its powerful capabilities — understand how easily they can harness the cyber-defense mojo that’s already at their disposal.

And these are good things.