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To continue our series of blogs about customer stories, this week we’re going to discuss how Porsche Informatik is achieving compliance, enhancing IT security and ensuring service availability.

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Porsche Informatik is based in Bergheim, Austria. Just as Porsche is known as an automobile with a finely tuned engine, the company’s IT division strives for the same operational excellence. This division has been working for more than 40 years on the development, implementation and ongoing support for dealer and import systems for Porsche Group brands and the their affiliated financing and insurance services. The division has over 230 employees who serve more than 15,000 end users in 16 countries. They oversee more than 150 IT applications and process more than half a million automated jobs a month.

Business Need

The goal of Porsche Informatik is to have a trouble-free and safe operation for all the services they provide. They require an IT system security solution that is continuous, real-time and allows them to monitor their change management efficiently and detect security-related changes and events while minimizing risks.


Porsche Informatik first deployed Tripwire Enterprise for change control. The organization later expanded their use of the solution to take advantage of new remediation and policy management capabilities.


  • Complete visibility and detailed tracking of all change activity across IT systems
  • Automated error detection with remediation assistance to quickly bring systems into compliance and/or back online
  • Heightened security without the need to increase resources
  • Compliance audit processes positioned for future standards and regulations

You can download the complete Case Study here (no form required).

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