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Citrix just announced (finally) that they are working on a bare metal hypervisor.  This is a logical step in the trend toward ubiquitous hypervisors.  The various hypervisors don’t interoperate and all have different checklists of capability, but the connection with hardware vendors should still simplify things in the long term.

HotRod Now, the battlefield is really moving to the realm of management, operationalization, and service delivery.  Otherwise known as… business value.

Who will win?  I don’t know which vendor will come out on top for hypervisor dominance 5 years out, but enterprises will be the real winner over the long haul.  As for management, I think heterogeneous, third party management solutions will rule the day (i.e. not one of the v12n vendors themselves unless they truly embrace the heterogeneous enterprise).

What do you think?  Drop a comment and let me know.