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Everyone likes the idea of doing more with less. With the economy the way it is, how can you not look for ideas that let you do more with less? But with IT budgets already stretched to the limit and resource cutbacks and hiring freezes, what can IT possibly do to keep the lights on and meet the new and growing demands of compliance, security and just plain system availability?

As we heard our customers express these concerns, it occured to us that what they really needed was a partner who was flexible and creative in helping them become successful with their challenges today. Tripwire’s Remote Operations offering was born from this understanding. The idea was simple – let the experts manage the Tripwire infrastructure so customers can spend time passing audits (with flying colors!), managing change processes, finding those unauthorized change makers, defining and implementing security policies across the enterprise, and ensuring infrastructure availability. Let Tripwire make sure Tripwire Enterprise is installed, running the latest version, available and providing the up-to-date reports and information needed to run the business so customers can take a breather and enjoy the fact that they are more secure.

As we started asking our customers what they thought about it, we learned that it isn’t that simple. Many use Tripwire for compliance and never had the time or resources to reconcile changes — so they can finally be the hero and find the change that could cause (or the one that did cause) an outage. Customers see Tripwire as a partner who makes sure its solutions delivers higher value, giving customers the tools to focus on the big stuff. Remote operations is a way to do more with less. But it really is one of many steps we are taking in 2009 to enable our customers to become heroes in IT.