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So…Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19. This is the day when all ye landlubbers are supposed to go around and say things like Arrr! and Avast! and Keel Haul Him!!!!…. Actually, I often come across people who need to be keel hauled so it is a common phrase around here on a daily basis….Anyways, it got me thinking about IT Security and the people who are tasked with protecting company assets from the Pirates. There are a lot of wanna be Pirates out there who largely fit into the script kiddy mold and then there are the Captain Jack Sparrow pirates who would smile in your face while stealing 150 million credit card numbers….

Seriousy, we are talking numbers large enough to become abstract….can you imagine the pain of having to go through that much change data or log data? I come across IT Ninjas every day who claim they can write a script that can do what Tripwire does…I’m sure you can Mr Ninja or should I say Nonja…but to effectively parse through that data and report on it in a meaningful way? You should work for us…. And then to do it in real time? Imagine if the VMA’s had a real-time Kanye filter…poor Taylor Swift would not have had to stand there and be humiliated like that…

By the way…did you know that 3.14 percent of all sailors are PI rates?

Oh and in addition to my twitter feed @theorrminator and Linked In, I have made the foray into Facebook…yes I know…but I am addicted now…I even found a Facebook game called Battlestations where you can actually be a pirate…oh and don’t get me started on Mafia Wars. If you want to be my friend…look me up…