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Microsoft recently announced that Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) will be released in Q4 of this year as a stand alone product. An article in Network World has the details of the pricing. There has been a lot of news lately in the virtualization world. Microsoft with the release of Hyper – V and VMware with the CEO replacement. What is interesting about VMM is that it is another announcement and data point in this interested chess match between the two companies.

By allowing VMM to be a standalone product it allows people that only want to manage virtual environments able to purchase it at a price that has not been increased because you have to buy other parts of System Center. The idea being you win over the VI Admin and it embeds Microsoft even further. VMM also manages Hyper-V, VMware and Xen. If you go to System Center you can manage physical as well as virtual. While the virtualization technology of VMware is ahead of Microsoft the reality is that there will probably be heterogeneous environments in many companies. At some point people will want to manage this from one location. Microsoft is not aiming to manage virtualization they are aiming to manage the datacenter. They want the OS, virtualization, management – everything. This battle will be fought on many fronts – technology, price and management.