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With all the hype about Microsoft and VMware lately you’d think they were the only two virtualization companies on the planet. But there is a lot going on with XenSource, Sun, and Novell who all seem to be running vibrant virtualization businesses.

The vast majority of all datacenters are heterogeneous in the physical world, so it’s safe to assume that virtualized datacenenter will be heterogeneous, as well. But how much “room” is there in the market? I believe we’re so early that we’re pretty far away from a real consolidation and there are still many battles to be fought for datacenter dominance.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the following in the comments of this post:

  • How many virtualization platforms do you think you’ll have in your datacenter in 3 years?
  • If you’ll have more than one hypervisor platform, what will drive your selections?
  • In spite of the desire for unified management views into all of your infrastructure, how many “panes of glass” do you think you’ll have by then?
  • When you tried to imagine your datacenter 3 years out, what gave you the most discomfort?

I could ask a bunch of other questions, but let’s start with those.

Note: I think we should declare that v12n==”virtualization”