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As I have often mentioned, one of the things that makes Tripwire unique is its people.  Our company is a mash-up of talent, intelligence, drive, wit and style.  As I have also mentioned, my blog is focused on the people and culture of Tripwire, not the security aspect of our company.  I’ll leave that to my smarty pants colleagues (love ya, kids!).  “Fluff” is the main course on my menu, and I really enjoy serving it up.  So, if you’re into keepin’ it light, please read on…

Spring has sprung here in Portland, and with summer right around the corner (we hope), this little lady’s got one thing on the brain—fashion!  Therefore, I offer you, my three loyal readers, an inside glimpse into my company, with:  Tripwire—the Style Edition!

I invited a few of my coworkers to comment on their personal style, as well as share their views on Tripwire style.  And, like TW style itself, their responses were all over the map!

Shannnon says that she’s “a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll.”  Given the option, she would wear jeans, a tank top, belt and hoodie—every day.  She beams, “I’m glad that we work in a forward thinking, business casual environment.  It’s cool to be able to wear jeans one day and have someone stop you the next with “OMG I love your shoes!”  Shan, you are one “sole” sistah…

And you can’t talk shoes without mentioning Nicole!  She is known in these parts for her obsession with shoes—she even builds her outfits around them.  If money were no option, Nicole would be wearing Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik.  Watch out, SJP!

On the flip-side, Ed cares little about fashion; he cares about “what is presentable while still being comfortable.”  Ed hops on his bike, rides into work and gets ready at the office.  Bike style—so fashion forward!

Another bike commuter, Katie, declares:  “In a perfect world, I’d be able to dress in an outfit every day that makes me laugh, or at least smile a little bit, when I put it on. Does that make my style ‘inside joke’?”  She describes TW fashion as “a wicking, waterproof Star Wars convention.”  Katie’s fashion regret?  “Huge brown overalls I wore for years as a young adult…and one home perm in ’86.”  Lady, I know your pain!

Coincidentally, Tom shows up to our fashion shoot sporting a Star Wars tee!  He enjoys dressing casually, typically wearing a shirt with “some geeky reference…like a logo from a video game.”  He currently digs the crazy over-the-top things that Lady Gaga wears, and all the costumes worn in “Game of Thrones” and “Smash.”  Très geek chic!

(Cue the eerie music)  A strange fashion phenomenon is occurring in Marketing:  An in-house employee and a remote employee have discovered that they dress exactly alike—jeans, button up shirt, J Crew meets Urban Outfitters—every day!

Maria explains: “Jake and I usually discuss our day’s outfit for about a half hour via FaceTime and reach a consensus on our day’s style. Then we dress and re-FaceTime to evaluate how closely our outfits match. In the rare instance of a ‘fashion fail,’ this process can repeat itself over the course of several hours until we get it right.”

Jake responds:  “I will always try to avoid the ‘marketing mirror effect’ and, upon ending our couture conference call, I immediately switch into something completely different. To my near-constant dismay, Maria inevitably comes in wearing the same style outfit…I’m beginning to sense a dark presence in the fashion force.”

Paranormal activity aside, MC and JT enjoy summer wear best, agreeing that they both look good in tanks.  One question for you, Jake: Have you checked your clothes?  I’ve traced the FaceTime call…it’s coming from inside your closet!

Devon dons various small labels, such as Mishka and The Seventh Letter.  He says, “I’m just glad [Tripwire’s] the type of environment that enables me to dress the way I do.”  I am too, Devon.  Your teal pants are one of my faves—and they are quite legendary at Tripwire!

“Classic with a contemporary twist” is how Sarah—who many at Tripwire consider to be a fashion icon—describes her style.  She sees TW style as “business casual:  some focus on the ‘business’, others focus on the ‘casual.’”  Her fashion idols?  Jackie O’, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.  Advice from Sarah:  “Keep it simple, but don’t shy away from being bold, here and there.”  Love. It.

Colleen sports a casual style, “lacking in accessories and forethought.”  Her dream wardrobe:  “Vegan clothing made by adults that are paid a living wage and work in sanitary and friendly conditions.”  Looking good and making a difference—way to work it, sister!

John, husband of aforementioned style maven, Shannon, rocks a “functional, comfortable” style, with “mostly black with an occasional splash of color.”  His fashion idols:  Tripwire’s own Paul and Mike, as well as Johnny Cash. John says of TW style: “People tend to dress functionally, meaning a guy who spends his day in the data center and a gal who spends her day in meetings are probably going to have a vastly different idea of what Tripwire fashion is.” His fashion tip for men:  You can get away with quite a bit as far as fashion is concerned if you wear good shoes.”  Well stated, sir!

Two of Tripwire’s most “fashion fabulous” are Jeff and Ania.

Jeff, whose style is “preppy meets Metro meets sporty,” goes for J. Lindeberg, Ted Baker, J.Crew Design Studio, Travis Mathew, Thomas Pink, and Frye shoes/boots.  He thinks that men should take more pride in their shoes, both stylistically and in upkeep.  A nice, stylish pair of shoes can last for years, with the right care and concern.”  Hmmm…sounds a lot like JJ’s advice.  Must be some truth to it.  Take note, fellas!

Ania, who rocks a short, edgy haircut, feels that “less is more.”  She wears pencil skirts, fun tights and handmade and antique jewelry, scarves and dresses.  Her mom is her fashion idol, as “she’s a very classy lady!”  Her view on fashion:  “Fashion only makes sense at a certain point and time and is ever-changing. The hottest looks will be perceived as ridiculous in just a few years.  Answer? Never regret, just enjoy the ride!”  You go, Miss Thang!

Tripwire Fashion Facts…

Favorite season for clothes:  It’s a tie—between summer and fall.  Many like the ease and “lack of clothing” in summer, while others love to layer, on a crisp Portland fall day.

Average time to get ready in the morning: 13.5 minutes.  John holds the record:  less than two minutes!  How does he do it?!  (Could be that he’s getting dressed in a Ring of Fire.)

Fashion regrets:  Mostly occurring in the 80’s: Jeff’s frosted tips, JJ’s parachute pants, another’s spandex and bad perm, Toms’ white jeans and skinny ties, Sarah’s “Dorothy Hamil” cut, and Colleen’s swooped over, gel-laden do.

My style?  I prefer to make a bold statement.  I toss on a sombrero, pumpkin, or 7 foot tall pencil costume, and I’m out the door.  It’s surprisingly effortless, a tad bit unique, and I look damn good!

In the words of fashion legend Gianni Versace:  “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

And that’s how it is, here at Tripwire:  people expressing how they feel by the way they dress.  Well, not really.  In truth, we are a company of talented, driven and dedicated people who work in a casual and fun environment which allows each of us to be who we want to be.  Who could ask for more?

I’d like to send out a BIG thanks to my coworkers who participated in this style edition.  You are all my fashion idols.  Now…go work it, people!

Want to see more pics from the fashion shoot?  Check it out: